Following are a few samples that we created on our automated dubbing engine, using only digitised voices (and not by human dubbers), for some of our clients and technology partners, and some subtitling samples in a variety of languages. Contact us for additional demos.

Our Subtitles


Storedot is an innovative Israeli startup that develops a new battery technology that enables e-cars to fully recharge in less than 5 minutes…
Subtitled by VideoDubber to LATAM Spanish. You can watch additional languages, such as Mandarin Chinese, Russian and Parisian French with subtitles, all produced by VideoDubber (courtesy of Storedot).


Orbotech, an Israeli high tech innovator offers a variety of technology solutions that revolutionize several industries, such as PCB, RF, etc.
Subtitled by VideoDubber to Mandarin Chinese. You can watch additional languages, such as LATAM Spanish, Russian and Parisian French with subtitles, all produced by VideoDubber (courtesy of Orbotech).


Powermat is a global leader in quick charging mats technology for mobile phones, laptops, etc.
The video was subtitled by VideoDubber to Parisian French. You can watch additional languages, such as Mandarin Chinese, Russian and LATAM Spanish with subtitles, all produced by VideoDubber (courtesy of Powermat).

We provide subtitling services to 40+ different languages… Want to see more subtitling samples of ours? Please visit our subtitling samples YouTube channel.

Automated Dubbing

The Largest And Most Stuck Excavator I’ve Ever Recovered

Part of a large localization project done for HeavyDSparks production, we dubbed and subbed (to LATAM Spanish) 10 hours of their successful (2.5M+ subscribers…) YouTube channel. Here’s the first 5 minutes pilot we did for them.

The Sound Doctor Promotional Video

A promotional video of an advanced online training service for healthcare professionals.
This sample was automatically subbed and dubbed to Mandarin (besides dubbing it also has Mandarin subtitles ‘burnt-in’). You can watch and compare the original unmodified video in English (courtesy of The Sound Doctor).

Do4Brain Explanatory Video

An explanatory video of an innovative Israeli startup that develops a new service that improves and stimulates brain functions.
This sample was automatically dubbed to US English, and has US English subtitles ‘burned-in’. You can watch the original unmodified video in Hebrew (courtesy of Do4Brain).

Fight Sports Promo (CSI Sports)

A promo video from Fight Sports channel broadcasted by CSI Sports in Spain. The project (a world first!) included automatic dubbing of a full channel to Castilian Spanish, including over 150 video files with lengths between 15 seconds promos to 3 hours boxing fights. This sample promo was automatically dubbed to Spanish, French and Japanese (courtesy of CSI Sports).

A Mixed Interview (IJF)

An interview with Mayra Aguiar, the famous international Judo champion. Notice that the interviewer uses UK English, thus no dubbing was needed, while Mayra spoke Portuegese, thus a digitised voice over was needed. Our technology continuously evolves and it is differentiate between digitised voices and human voices… This sample was automatically dubbed from Brazilian Portuguese to UK English (courtesy of IJF).

A Medical Testimonial (UFAI)

A sample from a project we did for UFAI, a large chain of US medical facilities that targets LATAM / US Hispanic patients. Using our platform, we could prepare a variety of testimonials, like this one, in a variety of LATAM Spanish dialects, and offer a more authentic voice to the patients at a fraction of the cost it would take in traditional dubbing methods. This sample was automatically dubbed from US English to US Spanish (courtesy of UFAI).

Yoga, Health & Well-being (FashionOne)

A short segment from Yoga, Health & Well-being program by Fashion One. The video is automatically dubbed to Hindi, French and Portuguese (courtesy of Fashion One).

Golf – Shot of the day (FoxSports)

A short segment from Fox Sports showing an amazing hole in one. The video is automatically dubbed to Japanese and Swedish (courtesy of Fox Sports).

Lions in Africa (National Geographic Wild)

A short segment from a National Geographic Wild channel program about lions in Africa. The video is automatically dubbed from French to Arabic, US English and Polish (courtesy of National Geographic Wild).

An interview about the GDP (Russia Today’s BoomBust)

A recent interview done by Erin Ade and Edward Harrison covering the latest US GDP results. The video is automatically dubbed to Arabic, Greek, Russian and Italian (courtesy of Russia Today).

The Ebola is spreading (SkyNews)

A recent news item that Sky News broadcasted about the Ebola virus spreading across Africa. The video is automatically dubbed to Portuguese, Russian and Spanish (courtesy of SkyNews).

RR Media’s promotional video

RR Media’s corporate video, automatically dubbed to French. You can also watch it automatically dubbed to Spanish, and Russian (courtesy of RR Media).

Coffee — e-Training video series (SuperTrader.TV)

A short sample from a 160+ video training course for day traders (of Forex / Binary Options), dubbed to Russian. Besides Russian, this project was also auto-dubbed to Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin) Male, Chinese (Mandarin) Female, German, Hungarian, Italian, Spanish (Castilian), and more to come (courtesy of

Miami Muscles — e-Learning body building course

One of the first e-Learning projects that were dubbed on our platform. The translation and QC of this dubbing project was done by the Spanish distributor (TriggerFish Media). The project included over 15 lessons and several promotional videos, all dubbed using the VideoDubber platform (Courtesy of Miami Muscles).

Madeleine Albright’s interview (TED)

A short segment showing an interview dubbed to Spanish (US Spanish & Castilian Spanish). The translation is crowd sourced (courtesy of TED)

Dana Ron – Ha’Boker (Keshet)

A short segment showing an Israeli daytime talkshow dubbed to Russian. Hebrew is a very short language which makes it extremely hard to keep up with the original timing when dubbing to Russian, especially when the show host is already speaking naturally in a rapid pace… (Courtesy of Keshet TV).

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