The quick guide to adding translated subtitles to your videos for free

First, why even consider adding translated subtitles to your video?
There are many great reasons to add subtitles to your video, and here are just a few:

  • To make your video accessible to other languages speakers (meaning more views)
  • To make it jump on YouTube’s search results (as YouTube’s search engine’s robot will review the subtitles and index every single word)
  • To be a better human being by making your video content more accessible to the hearing impaired (and be compliant with the upcoming regulations and laws)…

All are good reasons, indeed.

So, let’s review the 2 main approaches to get the job done:

1. DIY

Here’s a quick video guide to the cheapest way to get your video subtitled by one of our favorite YouTube trainers, Derral Eves, with an excellent training video that gives you the inside tips on how to prepare your own subtitles and closed captions, using YouTube’s tools, with his personal humorous way.

Thanks for that, Derral.

You can find additional educational materials, including detailed explanations on the SRT file format, freeware applications for subtitling, etc. on our blog.

2. Use professional services like TV broadcasters do

Yes. It’s easier, simpler, and you don’t need to become a professional translator, editor, and a QC person. And all of this just for one video.

Considering you might have many videos, it might be time to consider the help of a professional service provider…

  • Where can I get one (that is good and reliable)?
  • How much will it cost?
  • Will I be able to afford it?
  • How can I get a discount if it’s a large scale project?
  • Will I meet my deadline?

Great questions — and we’ve got all the answers you need:

VideoDubber is a professional service provider to the broadcast industry, and is a subsidiary of MX1 (the leading global broadcast services provider), and SES (the largest satellites company in the world).

These companies are working with all of the leading broadcasters around the world, from Disney, to BBC, HBO, AMC, FOX, and so many more…

Our parent companies, MX1 and SES, invested in VideoDubber for one main reason: Providing their customers (the largest TV media / broadcast companies) with innovative localization technologies to speed up the process of localization, and lower its cost.

VideoDubber has already developed the first automated dubbing engine, and is continuously improving it.
Now it continues to innovate the localization process, and has started providing low cost, high end, translated subtitling services.

How much does a translated subtitles project cost?

Well, until now, it was very expensive…. But (good news), using VideoDubber’s technology, and since our service was designed for large scale projects (for large TV media companies with huge repositories), our service is offered at the lowest price in the world!

Check out our Rates Card:

It’s a bit complicated price list, which is designed for TV professionals (that are used to buy ‘A-La-Carte’ and need to see every option in the menu…)

So let’s simplify it: Our Price Per Minute subtitled (including transcription, translation and rigorous QC) for small scale projects (that has English as the source, or target language), starts at $12, and can get to as low as $4.5 per minute (on the first language), and to only $3 per minute (on the 2nd+ language — as there’s no need to transcribe and sync the video twice, right?).
Isn’t that amazing?

How can I get a price proposal and a time estimate for my project?

Just go to our Subtitling page and fill- in the form so we could get all the details we need to price your project.
Or, if you prefer to talk to us directly, just give us a call, to +972-522-655548.

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