Exploring new markets has never been easier: You can finally localize your videos with VideoDubber to over 40 different languages & dialects (helping you deliver your content to new foreign markets), in a cost effective, quicker & a much more convenient way, than ever before.

Here is our current voices library — Each play button represents a voice. Light blue represents a male voice, and light pink represents a female’s voice. Try hovering a button to see the voice’s name in a tool tip, and click it to hear an audio sample.

Languages that now offer new voices have a New icon

Voices’ names ending with the word Wavenet, are voices that use new Deep Learning AI engines, which improve voice quality significantly. Our older voices use simpler technologies (concatenated audio segments, with smaller dictionaries) – these new ones use huge libraries, and are based on cutting-edge machine learning.

We recommend using the newer voices, however, we kept the older ones as well, should you need to create dialogs (and those additional voices might be able to expand the variety of actors for your needs…)

For large scale projects, we can even synthesize additional gender variants (based on existing voices), e.g. In Romanian we have only 1 female voice, but we can create digitally a male voice from it, especially for your project, should you need it.

Be sure to consult with us should you have such a need.

Here’s the table of languages and dialects we currently support. It often updates as new voices are added. Please note that the audio previews currently play only on Google Chrome (we tested them and they play on Chrome running on desktop computers).

Language Dialect Gender & Audio sample
Saudi Arabia Arabic Standard Arabic New Voice
Basque Basque
Basque Bulgarian
Chinese Cantonese
Chinese Mandarin New Voice
Czech New Voice
Danish New Voice
Dutch Benelux
Dutch Netherland  New Voice
English Australia  New Voice
English India  New Voice
English UK  New Voice
English Scotland
English US  New Voice
English South Africa
Finnish New Voice
French Canadian  New Voice
French France  New Voice
Filipino New Voice
German New Voice
Greek New Voice
Hungarian New Voice
Hindi India  New Voice
Bahasa Indonesia  New Voice
Italian New Voice
Japanese New Voice
Korean New Voice
Norwegian New Voice
Polish New Voice
Portuguese Portugal  New Voice
Portuguese Brazil  New Voice
Russian New Voice
Slovak New Voice
Spanish Argentinian
Spanish Castilian
Spanish Catalan
Spanish Colombian
Spanish Galician
Spanish Mexican
Spanish US
Swedish New Voice
Taiwanese Mandarin
Turkish New Voice
Ukrainian New Voice
Vietnamese New Voice

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