Pricing FAQ

Here are a few frequently asked questions that our customers usually ask before they order a project:

What is the ‘Per Minute’ pricing model?
Our automated dubbing service’s pricing model is simple: You pay for the actual minutes you dub with us.
No studio costs, no setup or session costs, and no hidden costs*. You pay for the result and not for the time of the professionals who do the job.
No job is too small for our service – You can even dub a 1 minute video**
Enjoy our service – Risk Free! During our Beta period, there is no requirement to pay anything for the usage of our platform. Simply create an account, upload your files (using our Web Uploader), fill in a project form, watch a preview, and only once you’re satisfied, pay to download your dubbed video.

So, how much will it cost me to dub an hour long documentary film?
Our pricing is dependent on several factors: The length of the video (in minutes), the amount of voices (actors) required, the video file resolution (the quality and size of both video and audio), the subtitles format you provide, and the codec needed.
To give an example, of how to use our pricing model, here’s a sample of project pricing: A 1 hour long MP4 movie, with 1 voice (let’s say a male), dubbed to 1 language, assuming that you, the client, provide the subtitles (in well synced .SRT subtitles file in the target audience’s language) and do the QC on the result, could cost only $299 (USD).
Off course, large scale projects can enjoy an incremental discount, and could reach significantly lower prices per hour. Contact us using the form below, for a large project proposal.

Who owns the rights?
You. Upon paying (in full) for the dubbing service, you will own the rights. And you won’t need to pay for them again for every additional broadcast (since synthetic voices do not have performers’ rights).

Can you provide a full service?
Yes, we can also provide complimentary services (like transcribing, translation, subtitles’ time adjustments, lingual QC, archiving, etc.), as part of a project, and we can tailor our solution to your needs.

Use our Instant Price Calculator to calculate the cost and estimate the delivery time of your dubbing project, or contact us for further info.

Can you support broadcast quality video formats?
Inherently, TruDub™, our automatic dubbing engine, does not touch the video stream within your video. It manipulates only the audio stream, and copies the video stream, as is.
Our engine natively supports Microsoft high quality video codecs, like AVI, WMV, MP4, h.264, etc. and high quality audio codecs like WAV, MP3, WMA, etc.
However, we are equipped to convert additional professional broadcasting industry standards, and can provide optional conversion services to unique codecs and video file wrappers, like MXF, DNxHD, ProRes, etc. through a high-quality conversion process.
Be sure to consult with our experts (using the form below) regarding unique formats.

For how long are the minutes I purchased good for?
Minutes purchased are valid for one whole year (from the date of purchase). We’ll send you a reminder (to your e-mail) before your minutes expire. Sign In to your account page, to see your minutes balance on the top of the page.

Can I use a Visa credit card to purchase dubbing minutes?
Yes, you can pay directly with a credit card like Visa, MasterCard, Amex, etc.
PayPal is our processing partner, and they process credit cards and additional payment methods, even without requiring you to open a PayPal account.
FYI. We do not have any access to your personal credit card information – These are held by PayPal.
For large payments, you can use additional payment methods (like SWIFT, money transfer, etc.). Contact us for further details.

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