Our automated video dubbing cloud platform, accurately dubs your content using computer-generated voices that use the voice signature of professional dubbing talents.

The resulted audio track sounds like a real voice-over artist recorded in a professional recording studio, but since it is digitally produced, it’s perfectly clear, with no hisses or background noises what so ever. Check out our video samples gallery to see a few case studies that will clarify why is our service exactly what you needed.

Watch the following clip to get a grasp of what our service is all about:

  • Did you know that our platform is 100% free for use, and we do not ask for anything from you, before you watch and approve a preview of your dubbed video (you don’t even need to enter a credit card to use it)?
  • Did you know that you could save $200-600 per hour dubbed, by using our automated platform?
  • Did you know that you have over a 200 different voices, in over 40 languages & dialects, available to you 24/7?

These are only a few of of the VideoDubber dubbing platform’s benefits that you can enjoy, once you join our service…

You can learn more about how our automated dubbing service works, see the variety of languages & dialects we currently support, learn more about our complimenting services, or contact us for more information.

Complimenting Services

We offer premium complimenting services (some through our business partners), that will help you get the end-to-end solution you need, and the service you deserve:

  • Video Transcoding – Besides our natively supported formats, we also provide a professional transcoding services that will enable you to change your movie’s format to a format we can use, and vice versa – convert our resulted video to the unique format that you need. Check out our Video Formats section for additional information
  • Subtitles Transcription – Have a movie but don’t have the subtitles for it? We can help – We’ll provide you with a transcribed subtitles (and translate it to any of our supported languages) upon your request
  • Subtitles Translation – Got the original language subtitles and need them translated to another language? We’ve got your back. Contact us for a quote.
  • Subtitles Re-Syncing – Need help in syncing your existing subtitles to the video? No problem. Our team will re-adjust your video’s subtitles cues, to make them appear exactly where they should

Now what?

If you have your video file and subtitles file ready for upload, you are welcome to test drive our innovative dubbing platform for FREE right now: Click here to start your first automated dubbing project.

Need a full service proposal? You can use our instant price proposal calculator, or simply contact us.

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