How to get low cost subtitles

Video localization is a pre-requisite in most cultures to extend videos’ reach.
However, localization projects are usually very expensive.
There is a solution for that and we invented it, designed especially for media content creation companies, like yours.

VideoDubber, the leading localization technology developer for the TV & video markets, is introducing
a new low-cost subtitling service and you are welcome to start saving on professional subtitles.


VideoDubber, a subsidiary of MX1 (the world’s leading broadcast services company) and SES (the global satellites giant), which serve the largest television and broadcast companies (including Disney, HBO, Fox, BBC, and others), is developing cutting-edge language technologies since 2013 for leading broadcasters and YouTube channels.


Want to know how low the price can go?

Our price can get to as low as $4.50 per minute* for the first language (including transcription, translation to over 40 languages, and rigorous QC**) and to only $3 per minute* for the second language and on wards (as the transcription is already done for the first language…)
Check out our Rates Card for further details on how the prices are structured.

Do you want to know how we managed to achieve such a low price for subtitling?

Here’s our formula: We use Automation (we use cutting-edge AI, and Machine Translation technologies) to produce high-end subtitles, and then thoroughly QC (Quality Control) them (by our human linguistic teams), to deliver our broadcast clients with highly accurate subtitles, which are being displayed daily (even on global video networks, like NetFlix and Amazon).

Our subtitles are delivered in many languages, and in a variety of formats, and we welcome you to test-drive our service, and enjoy the insider rates that were never heard of in our industry (while keeping of course the quality standard** that matters to you).

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