Why invest in VideoDubber?

The VideoDubber LogoWe address a gigantic market: Over 80% of the world’s broadcast content was originally produced in English. Less than 10% of the world population speaks English.

This means that there is a huge language gap, which continuously grow as the Internet continue to grow (but mostly outside of the US, to developing countries), while content is mostly created in English. Believe your own eyes – Check out the amazing growth in Google searches for the word ‘Translate’:

Add to that the accelerated growth in online videos, especially in the use of video as a medium in the e-Learning and the e-Commerce markets, alongside streamlined servers and CRM systems from Salesforce and other providers, and we’re easily getting to a potential market size of tens of billions of US$.

And this language gap we’re talking of is accelerating, especially with the movement towards online videos… E.g. A recent research showed that the average daily time vested by Brazilian users in YouTube, compared to their US peers, is half (and this isn’t because Brazilians do not like videos, or US viewers have more free time…) It’s simply because YouTube is flooded with rich English content, while quality Portuguese content is comparably rare. YouTube can not fulfill their needs with the English content, because Brazilians are indoctrinated since childhood to watch dubbed videos in Portuguese, by their TV broadcasters… YouTube’s response of adding simple automated subtitles, didn’t cut it for them.

That void in the video localization is currently filled by local dubbing studios that use the same manual process (with similar cost, professional resources and similar lead times), as it was when it was invented (almost a century ago…)

That classic manual dubbing process is made out of 3 basic steps:

  1. Transcription
  2. Translation
  3. Narration

For the first 2 steps, there are already several off-the-shelf products that provide a starting point for automation. But for the 3rd, there was nothing, so we started there.

By creating a platform that provides a solution for step #3, we enabled 1 person to take control over a project that only a team (with a professional recording studio) could do. Now, one translator can transcribe, translate, and direct our digitized voices by himself, to create a virtual dubbing studio.

But our vision doesn’t stop there, at democratization of the dubbing process (with lower resources, cost-savings, and a shorter turn-around time…)

In our vision we see something new: A fully automated process that will enable dubbing to reach new places that were never been possible before, e.g. a near real-time dubbing for news and sports…
And if that’s not enough, think of how fully automated dubbing will enable dubbing for the masses of social videos. Think how could that affect social video platforms, like YouTube, or Facebook…

Imagine the day that you could find a great ‘How to’ tutorial in another language, like German, click a button and select your flag, and hear the video in your own language, instantly?

Imagine watching the Spanish league game on your mobile, and instead of trying to figure out what’s going on there, or reading subtitles on the small mobile screen, you’ll simply switch the voice track to your language, and hear the game dubbed live?

Wouldn’t that be amazing? We think that this future can happen sooner than you think, and we’re on it, right now!

Do you believe in that vision too?

mx1MX1 (previously named RR Media, and now a subsidiary of SES), the global broadcast services giant did, and invested in our seed round.

The largest technology giants in this industry, Microsoft, Acapela and even Nuance, believed in our vision, and signed a partners agreement with us, allowing us to use parts of their technologies, to accelerate our product development and extend our capabilities.

We’re continuously invited to showcase our startup at different industry events, and even won several prestigious awards from international contests, like Red Herring, DLD, and others.

Why invest in an Israeli startup?

Warren BuffetWe, Israelis, solve big problems, and are innovative by nature. Our surrounding environment and history here, left us no other alternative…

Israel is a technology hub – tech gurus are coming out of universities after serving in elite army units, and develop the next generation technologies and startups.

Israel is a world leader in technology innovation and has more entrepreneurs, startups and VC funding per capita than anywhere in the world (including the US).

In 2015, over 1,400 new startup companies were established in Israel (this is a new breakthrough every 6 hours or so…). With such a high number of new businesses setting up shop in Israel, there must be some serious competition for business-related solutions. HR/ Payroll is one of the most time-consuming business activities for someone to undertake especially if it’s just one person overseeing the whole process. Businesses similar to cloudpay.net are pushing the boundaries on what’s possible for payroll software. As well as payroll, you’ll also need to have a CRM to track monthly sales with a sales funnel which is a must if you’re a new business. Data is absolutely key as it’s the one thing you can use to beat the competition.

Furthermore, in the past decade, over 750 Israeli startups have exited, creating $70M per deal in average, and turning every $1 invested in Israeli startups to $3 back to investors. Investments can help a business thrive, however, some people aren’t able to fully invest and may only be able to offer a partial investment in business stock, you can do this through software such as SoFi. Investments are amazing ways to help companies, whilst also making some money for yourself. However, it’s important to do some research beforehand. You need to be confident that this investment will be beneficial. Perhaps some people would like to learn about Earnings Manipulators before they consider investing. This will help people to work out what sort of profit the company is likely to make.

Investment dollars per capita

Israeli Exits in 2015

How to join?

We’re planning to join a social funding platform (to raise our next funding round), which will enable anyone to put even a few thousand dollars, and get a piece in our dream through shares in our company. If you believe that our vision is the future and join our startup’s train, or just got some money collecting dust in your bank account and would like to put it to work with us, fill out your details below, and we’ll update you once the funding round will be open:

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