The Full-Service Automated-Dubbing Instant Pricing Calculator

Many of our customers inquire about specific language combinations’ price, how much does it cost to get a full service (as they only have the video and do not want to prepare and translate its subtitles by themselves), or even just to find out how will the price decreases on large scale orders. This is why we developed this instant price calculator.

Please fill in this form. After you filled the form’s fields and clicked the ‘Calculate’ button, you’ll get the instant quote, and an estimated delivery schedule. If you’re happy with everything, you could place your order right there, pay, and get your video’s dubbing project on its way.

Our service will save you a lot of time (probably), money (surely), and a lot of hustle (definitely).
Just remember that our technology is currently best suited for calm, informative content genres (e.g. documentaries, testimonials, explanatory videos, e-learning, etc.), like those samples in our video gallery.

As we develop it, it will cover more and more content genres. If your project isn’t suitable for our technology yet, be sure to register for our newsletter, and get updated as we expand our platform’s capabilities.

The form is still in Beta

The pricing is currently limited to 5 languages projects only. If you’d like to receive a manual proposal, please contact us.

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