How to create a dialog in a movie using the Dubbing Editor’s interface?

When you want to create an auto dubbed dialog in your movie, between 2 (or more) voices, in a language we already have 2 or more voices (e.g. in German we already support 8 voices, 4 male and 4 female), you can easily do it using our Dubbing Editor by following these steps.

Before starting, prepare your subtitles file in a way that no one subtitle will include more than one voice:
I.E. Sometimes a translator might create a sentence like:

— You?   — Yes.

This sentence includes both the person who asks, and the one who answers.
Avoid that, and make sure that you split them into separate subtitles.
Once the subtitles are ready, upload them to the FTP folder (and of course the video you’ll need).

Next, follow this sequence:

1. Create a new project and assign the leading voice you need (which means most of the sentences will be with this voice, thus require less changes later on).
In this case I picked Marisol-ml (a beautiful Castilian Spanish voice):

create a new project

2. Run your project (by hitting the ‘Save & Get a Preview’ button at the bottom of the project form):

Save and get a preview button

3. Once it’s processed and the preview is ready, go into the Dubbing Editor (the blue button on the right of your video’s preview page):

The Dubbing Editor Button

4. Expand any of the subtitles you would like to change its speaker:

An expanded subtitle

5. Click on the pencil icon (near the voice’s menu):

Available voices panel

Notice that it’s currently containing only one voice (Marisol-ml).

6. Select the additional voice/s you would like to add to the project (the menu shows only voices that are of the same language/dialect):*

Added voices panel - list open

7. Click ‘add’ to add that voice (repeat the last step as many times needed and additional voices are available).
Note that to some of the voices we already added pictures to make them more recognisable…

Close the ‘Available voices’ panel.

8. Now select on each subtitle you would like to change the speaker, the relevant voice from the updated voices’ list:

New voices appear on the list, enabling an auto dubbed dialog

9. Do a full run (by clicking the ‘Save & Get a Preview’ button at the bottom of the Dubbing Editor’s page):

Save and get a preview button

That’s it!

Here’s a small sample of the overall result from Madeleine Albright’s interview dubbed to Spanish.

Notice how the voices change between Madeline and the interviewer.

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