The General Concept

Video editing is bigger than ever. Whether it’s for work, school, or even just fun, you’ll probably need to edit some sort of video at some point. However, it’s not as easy as that. There’s a lot of thought that needs to go into editing a video as well as a lot of tools. Before editing, it might be wise to visit a site like to see how much RAM, or storage, you need to complete the video you want. After that, it’s up to you what tools you use to create the perfect video. To get a quick understanding of our service’s concept, watch the following animation:

Yes, it’s that simple – Here are 4 ways you can use our service:

  1. Upload your video file (.AVI, .mov, .MP4 and other file formats*) and its subtitles file/s (preferably .SRT, but professional formats like .890 or .PAC are also supported*), to our Web service (, fill in a new project’s form, and voila! Within minutes** you’ll have your preview done, and ready for download.
  2. Upload your audio file (.WAV or .MP3 file formats*) and its subtitles file/s, to our Web service (, fill in the new project’s form, run the project and get the audio track mixed with the digitized voice, ready for video editing. In this case you can either upload the movie’s audio track with the original voices and use our unique human voice removal filter to remove the original actors’ voices from the areas that the digitized voices are speaking, or upload just the M&E (music and effects) audio track (that doesn’t include the original actors’ voices), thus you wouldn’t need to use the voice removal filter at all, and get a perfectly mixed audio track…
  3. Only upload the subtitles file and get a synced narrated audio track, ready for mixing.
  4. New! Copy your text from Word and paste it directly into our new transcription box (within the new project’s form), and get an un-synced clear audio track with your chosen voice narrating your content, ready to be added to your presentation. Read this blog post on how and when to use it.

You can learn more on what’s available in the current product beta here.

Where To Start?

If you have your video file and subtitles file ready for upload, go ahead and test drive our dubbing platform for FREE right now: Click here to start your first automated dubbing project.

Your Automated Dubbing Check List

Please review and make sure you followed and completed all of these tasks:

  1. Did you sign up to our platform?
  2. Did you upload to your account the files using our Web interface?
  3. Did you create a project, and assigned the files to the project?
  4. Did you get an email with a link to preview your project’s sample?

If so, you can now modify and improve the dubbed video. If not, please complete the missing steps.

FYI: If you get an error in the process, it is usually a result from a non-compliant SRT file.
To make sure it is compliant, and has no bugs in it, please open and save your SRT, using a standard SRT editing software (you can use a freeware like Subtitles edit)

Here’s a simple video tutorial for first-timers:

We also provide an end to end service, for a reasonable price, if you’re interested. Prices differ, but our linguistic team is very experienced and does everything for you (including transcription, translation, dubbing and QC of all the steps). We usually charge $20 per minute for full service, but if you already have the translated subtitles, it will only cost $8.75, and can drop down to $5.75 on large scale projects…

You can review our price structure in this Localization Services Rates Card.

Need a proposal? You can use our instant price proposal calculator, or simply contact us.

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