Q: What type of content should I dub using VideoDubber’s automated dubbing platform?

In order to provide accessibility to viewers that do not know the language of the content, one could use VideoDubber’s platform to dub the video content to their language.
The up-to-date list of the supported languages is growing all the time.
There are many benefits to using automated dubbing, amongst them the speed of the service, and the quality of the end results.
Still, since the current platform doesn’t support emotions yet, emotional genres, e.g. children movies and TV programs aren’t a natural choice for automated dubbing.
There are additional types of content that can not be automatically dubbed at this time, e.g. singing.
We are testing additional technologies that might be able to provide solutions for these needs, but on the mean time, our service is focused on cultures and content genres that aren’t dependent on this type of need.
Thus, genres like documentaries, life-style, travel, news, training, education and even talk shows, are a great fit to automated dubbing.
Certain cultures, e.g. Russian, are less accustomed to emotional dubbing, and thus can consume automated dubbing for almost any type of content.
Check out our video gallery for demos that were created using our digitized voices on the VideoDubber’s platform.