Current Version

Welcome to VideoDubber’s Beta

This Beta version contains several updated features:

  • You can currently use several voices within a video. You start with a leading voice in the project’s form page, and within the dubbing editor you can add more. To learn how to do it click here
  • If you have a large project (over 50 hours), contact us for a lower rate price proposal
  • We currently enable projects to run once — If you want to run a project again, please duplicate it first (using the Projects’ list page)
  • You are not charged for any project, till you watched and approved the preview (and only then you can download the complete result)
  • Video & audio file formats support – We inherently support MP4 and AVI (with stereo audio), as well as MP3, WAV and AIF audio formats. All other formats are experimental at this stage. Test the result, and consult with us if you need further assistance
  • Subtitles file format support – We already tested SRT (in UTF8 encoding) well, and we’re experimenting with PAC and 890. Let us know of any problem that you might have with these formats — we will try to help
  • We offer complimenting professional services, meaning that if you do not have translated subtitles and would like our team to produce them for you, we can, and at a competitive price: e.g. if you only have a video in English, and would like to dub it to French, the price would be $20 per minute (or less) and will include transcription, time alignment, translation, dubbing (to as many voices you need / we have), and QC of the result (to make sure pronunciation is correct)
  • We now enable users that need an un-synced narration audio (or users that do not know how to prepare standard SRT subtitles) to play with our platform by using a new ‘Copy text & paste it‘ directly into our new transcription box feature (within the new project’s form), and get an un-synced narration audio track, with your chosen voice, ready for your presentation.

For any issue with our beta experience, please send us a message (we need your feedback to improve).

A Simple Tutorial

Here’s a short video tutorial that we created for first-timers. Watch it carefully (preferably in full screen mode) – it might save you time:

Thank you for your patience & support.

The VideoDubber Team

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