Your benefits from using VideoDubber’s patent pending cloud platform are many.
Here are just a few of them:

  • Risk free – You watch and approve a FREE full length preview of your dubbed video, before paying & downloading the final result
  • The shortest service cycle – Eliminates the long & frustrating wait for your content to be dubbed (using traditional manual recording studios)
  • Less production efforts – Minimizes your producers’ time on managing extensive dubbing projects
  • Better price – A competitive price that will finally allow you to explore all those languages you need, for those new foreign markets
  • Pay per minute – No more pay per session*
  • More talents – No need to pay per talent’s session cost anymore*
  • No hidden fees! – Pay once**
  • Availability – Our voices do not age and are always available, 24/7
  • Fully digital – Get a perfect recording with no ‘hisses’ or background noises

So, how do I start?

If you have your video file and subtitles file ready for upload, you are welcome to test drive our innovative dubbing platform for FREE right now: Click here to start your first automated dubbing project.

Need a full service proposal? You can use our instant price proposal calculator, or simply contact us.

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