VideoDubber is a young Israeli technology startup, that was incorporated on November 2013.

Our vision is to create a world in which video content will no longer have language barriers — everyone would be able to watch any video, in any language, without limitations or delays.

In order to reach this day, we set our first mission to help bridge the video spoken language gap, in an efficient and automated way.

VideoDubber helps broadcasters and content publishers, to add automated voice over & dubbing audio tracks to their video content, using TruDub™, its unique (& patent pending) technology platform.

We believe that when Gütenberg invented his print press, he didn’t just enable a cheap & a quick method for printing pages – he expanded the human knowledge, by making the storage vehicle of human thoughts, accessible to everyone. By minimising the costly barriers of media localization, we believe we’ll make video, any video, accessible to the rest of us, even those who do not speak the language it was created in.

The founders

Boaz & Jacob – The Founders of VideoDubber

The Founders

Boaz Rossano – B. Des. & Exec. MBA. Former head of HIT’s Visual Comm. Design Dept. With over 25 years of experience in UX strategy and UX design in several UX agencies, including 2CENTS, one of Israel’s best UX design agencies.

Jacob Dvir – Ex. Mamram, CTO and a serial startups entrepreneur. A technology talent that worked in many Israeli startups, inc. Unipier (currently Flash Networks), 5Min (currently AOL On), Xaudios, and more, and with many technology platforms.

Our partners

Sharing VideoDubber’s vision, are a growing number of market leaders in the fields of software, audio & TV technologies, amongst them are:

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Who already wrote about us

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Join us

If you would like to join our growing team, check out our Jobs section, and send us your resume.


Along the road, we met many people — friends, colleges and even first-time acquaintances, who helped us, taught us, and opened doors for us. We would like to thank them & commemorate their help here, so it won’t be forgotten, and to tip future entrepreneurs that nothing significant could be achieved alone:

Mor Swiel, Johny Saacks, Eden Shochat, Micha Porat, Mika Josting, Ben Kiriati, Ido Yablonka, Oron Ofek, Idan Gelbourt, Yariv Gilad, Jonathan Messika, Nimrod Koslowski, Uria Yarkoni, Alon Sahar, Avner Werner, Yael Noy Shuchman, Cutler Molly, Donna Abrahams, Halit Lichtenson, Yaron Adler, Oded Federbush, Itai Adam, Nawfal Tounsi, Amit Goldenberg, Rosh Lee, Paul B. Kim, Kelley Hilborn, Paul Ford, Uriah Av-Ron, Rachel Yechezkeli, Raya Volinsky, Gilad Steinberger (Hever), Zack Weisfeld, Ifat Grinblat Yanai, Galit Motai, Molly Kelley, Michael Iron, Oded Daniel, Yaroslav Sukhodiy, Thomas P., Moti Shatner, Gil Dibner, Eran Shir, Gil Ben Artzi, Iddo Tal, Deddi Shwartz, Zafi Rigler, Yariv Davidovich, Guy Livne, Naama Yanko, Shlomi Anfang, Shai Agiv, Tal Marian, Gilad Tuffias, Madeline Bleiweiss, Eran Aharonson, Shimon Constante, Nawfal Tounsi, Ayelet Wertheim, Yigal Elani, Smadar Ronen, Tali Gat-Falik, Gal Zuckerman, Ofir Zohar, Iris Rossano, Erez Mizrachi, Daniel Czertok, Doron Gordon, Itai Preis, Boaz Babai, Amit Goldenberg, Brian Decker, Yosi Glick, Zohar Alon, Yuval Alon, Ziv Mor, Eitan Maodad, Moshe Perez, Shmulik Koren, Elad Manishviz, Michael Sion, Arnon Gueta, Rami Goldberg, Benny Moshe, Alon Kaplan, Philip Weinstock, Daniel Akrish, Danit Fridman, Alon Nardi, Lee Aviram Shoshani, Wayne Gerb, Ella Matook, Liav Hertzman, Noa Atlan, Oz Peleg, Ran Dimant, Ori Choshen, Arale Cohen, Nimrod Cohen, Danny Zach, Dov Moran, David Cohen, Dan Avital, Ofer Graitzer, Effie Arditi, Yair Klein, Inbal Arieli, Oded Napchi, Avihai Michaeli, Ofer Tirosh, George Koulogiannis, Aida Martirosyan, Tal Yiftach, Maya Elhalal-Dovev, Dror Ceder, Daniel Tal, Gilli Cegla, Zvika Netter, Richard Waryn, Pavel Israelsky, Roi Carthy, Itay Kashtan, Nati Davidi, Uri Alter, Ido Milstein, Ariel Greenberger, Avi Lior, Helen Fan, Paul Sawers & Tatiana Kobrina.

And most and foremost, our wives and families who bared with us and our long entreprnourial journey… smiley

Thank you!