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VideoDubber is the first online service that dubs movies automatically

Listen to the Steve Jobs’ famous speech automatically dubbed by VideoDubber to 6 of our 40 languages:

Castilian Spanish

c The Steve Jobs’ commencement speech is courtesy of Stanford University.

Our service automatically dubs your videos to make them understandable and relevant for local audiences, delivering more views, more clicks & quite simply more revenue for you…

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All you need are a video file & a subtitles file (in your target audience’s language) to get your free preview right now…
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Localization means subtitling too

Using our localization technologies, we now offer Low-Cost subtitles, enabling media publishers to localize their content for platforms that support subtitles, like NetFlix, iTunes, Amazon and YouTube…
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Why localize to only one language? Get more for less

According to a recent research published on an article by PayPal’s Head of Content & Globalization, 8 languages offer you over 80% of the world’s online buying power today… Also, since “75% of buyers in non-English-speaking countries choose a product online in their own language, rather than in English” — this decision should be a no brainer for you…

For example: for less than $250* you could get one of your 2 minutes video in front of these masses in all 8 languages.

Get a full-service instant price proposal now and for a fraction of the cost of dubbing to 1 language, using traditional dubbing methods,
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* In our Full-Service mode, no extra work is required from you – No subtitles or transcripts, just a link to your video, and we’re ready to go

The VideoDubber technology’s benefits at your service:

  • Quickest Service

    It takes less than 5 minutes for VideoDubber’s engine to dub a full feature film

  • 40+ Languages

    Over 40 languages & dialects already supported and more are coming…

  • 150+ Voices

    Over 150 high quality digitized voices of voice over professionals from around the world

  • More Formats

    Professional video & audio codecs, as well as pro subtitles formats are already supported

  • Risk Free

    No Credit Card is required until you’re 100% satisfied, and ready to download your dubbed video

  • Pay per Minute

    Forget session costs: Pay for what you need & it’s available 24/7

  • Love our Price

    Start at only $4.99 per minute!

  • Showtime Ready

    Get your video mixed, synced & encoded ready to air

What do we do?

VideoDubber is the world’s first online service that automates the manual labor needed for dubbing, using patent-pending technologies. Its automated cloud platform enables broadcasters & content creators to add dubbing and voice over in over 40 languages to their videos, with a click of a button.

How good does it sound?

Listen to the dialog in the following news item (courtesy of SkyNews) to hear a variety of languages which were automatically dubbed.
Since our voices are neutral (like a great news anchor person), they can dub a variety of content genres, like news shows, documentary, talk shows, education (biographies, history, etc.), training, life style (e.g. cooking shows, travel, health, yoga, and so many more).
Visit our Video Gallery to see more video samples.

How to use our platform?

We work hard to make our service in line with the broadcasting industry standards, while keeping it as simple as possible, so every Web user will feel comfortable to use it.
Watch the following ‘Walk through’ to get familiar with how to prepare your content for our service, visit Our Online Tutorial, or go to Our Services section to delve into the details.
Chinese users that can not access YouTube, should click here.

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Our platform is FREE for use — you’ll need a credit card only once you’re satisfied from your dubbed video, and would like to download it…