Q: Having dubbing synchronization problems in your dubbed video?

First, we’re here to help. Here are a few tips Here are a few ways to improve your result by yourself: If that’s not enough – contact us and let us know. We’re here to help and improve. Please be as specific as READ MORE

Q: Having pronunciation issues in your dubbed video?

First, we’re here to help. Our service is using a cutting-edge technology and still, it isn’t perfect (but human dubbers can also make mistakes), so we improve it all the time, and your feedback is a crucial part of this process. Teaching voices READ MORE

Q: What type of content should I dub using VideoDubber’s automated dubbing platform?

In order to provide accessibility to viewers that do not know the language of the content, one could use VideoDubber’s platform to dub the video content to their language. The up-to-date list of the supported languages is growing all the time. There are READ MORE

Q: How can I create subtitles for my project?

Subtitles creation is fairly simple. Here’s a nice article in eHow about creating .SRT files. We wrote a short post about subtitling using .SRT format – Be sure to read this guide to learn more. Last but not least, we recently added a READ MORE