Our platform is FREE for use, until you’re fully satisfied, and want to download your dubbed video

No buts — while in Beta, users that join now, will not need to pay a monthly membership fee. The VideoDubber platform is FREE for your use and you are welcome to keep dubbing videos as much as you want.
However, if you’d like to download the dubbed video and distribute it, you’ll need to purchase its dubbing rights. We are obligated to make sure that once you’re happy with the result, and could use it for distribution, our voice manufacturing partners will get paid for the use of their voices.

How much does it cost?

  • $4.99min.
    DIY Package

    3 Minutes Minimum
    • Any of our 40+ Languages / Dialects
    • Any or Combination of our 150+ Voices
    • Up To Full HD Video Resolution

Yes, it’s only $4.99 per minute.* To reach that low price, will require you to prepare a translated subtitles file, and to do the QC of the dubbed video using our Dubbing Editor.

If you’d like an even lower price, we give escalated discounts on bulk projects.

Can you provide a full service?

Indeed we can. If you do not have translated subtitles, or would like our linguistic team to do the QC of the dubbed video for you, it’s no problem at all – we’re here at your service.
Our professional services team offers premium complimentary services (like transcribing, translation, subtitles’ time alignment, Quality Check by a professional linguist, etc.), as part of a full-service project, and we can tailor that service to your needs.

  • $20.75min.
    Full-Service Pack

    2 Minutes Minimum
    • Any of our 40+ Languages / Dialects
    • Any or Combination of our 150+ Voices
    • Up To Full HD Video Resolution
    • Includes everything you need:
      Manual Transcription & Translation,
      Automated Dubbing, & Professional Lingual QC
    • Just Provide Us the Video Link
      & Get a Fully Dubbed Video

Of course, based on the size of your project, and if you poses the video’s transcription, this price gets lower and lower, and could reach even less than half (on a very large scale projects…)

Plus, when you order a full-service project, you can get the translated subtitles file that we create, which will help you improve your video’s SEO ranking (on search engines, as well as on video sharing sites, like YouTube, Vimeo, and others). Last but not least, uploading the subtitles will also make your video more accessible to hearing impaired audiences, and make it more compliant with upcoming accessibility regulation demands. Recent researches show that over 5% of the world’s population, 360 million people, has disabling hearing loss. So, we believe uploading subtitles is forward thinking, better marketing, and simply being a better person.

Use our Instant Price Calculator to calculate the exact cost and estimate the delivery time of your dubbing project, or contact us for further info.

Got more pricing questions?

Visit our Pricing FAQ.