What do we do?

VideoDubber is the world’s first online service that automates the manual labor needed for dubbing, using patent-pending technologies. Its automated cloud platform enables broadcasters & content creators to add dubbing and voice over in over 30 languages to their videos, with a click of a button.

Why do we do it?

When Gütenberg invented the press in 1,450, he didn’t just create a quicker way to copy books — He expanded the scope of human knowledge and culture, by making books affordable to anyone. We believe that by making videos accessible in an affordable manner, we expand the reach of the video’s ideas & knowledge, to anyone, anywhere. It’s a process that must be automated, to free us from the manual labor and its expensive cost.

How to use our platform?

We work hard to make our service in line with the broadcasting industry standards, while keeping it as simple as possible, so every Web user will feel comfortable to use it.
Watch the following video to get familiar with how to prepare your content for our service, or go to Our Services section to delve into the details.